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Vanderpump Rules S08 E17 (Til Death Do Us Not Part)

Updated: May 5, 2020

We are finally here!!!!! Last week left us off with Stassi not willing to integrate Kristen back into her life & she's upset at Beau, little did she know, Beau is planning to propose the next day!

Stassi realized once she got home that she was an ass for the way she treated beau and comes home with some goodies for beau. They are off to shop for mausoleums aka time for Beau to propose. I guess it’s not the Mac and cheese that healed all but Beau knowing he’s going to propose!

While we are waiting for that. The SUR team picked up socks for the softball game from a sex shop... We have the Tom's Ariana & James working on their softball skills. Who the f^ck knew James thinks he’s athletic... at least he’s 28 days sober.

Mausoleums shopping we go... to be fair, Stassi isn't wrong when she says getting one with beau is a great way to lock him down. Beau is distracted trying to make sure they get to the right spot where the ring is hidden. The way he does it is absolutely perfect for them! It was so dang cute, she was so surprised and they are both so happy! She loves and is just taken away with how perfect the ring and proposal are. He tells her that Katies, Lisa & Lala were all about this so she jumps on the phone with her friends. IT was really cute that Katie and Lala pick up screaming from excitement! off to the Vanderpumps we go for the party.

Seems like Lisa actually put a ton of thought and energy into planning this! (m not saying she's not a thoughtful person, but she offered up the house and pulled it all together and she just showed up at Brittany and Jax's apartment a year or so prior. Katie gathered the Troops, Schwartz made sure people wouldn't have anything else planned by telling them he was making a pre softball dinner. It was super cute. Last minute, Lisa tries to see if we can mend ties with Kristen and Stassi. She understands why Stassi is pushing Kristen away but its worth a last try, let’s see how this goes. Lala calls Kristen and tries to put her in perspective with what’s happening and to see if she’s okay. Kristen just doesn’t get it, she's not understanding any of the situation and just thinks she's a victim. Carter tries to pull some shit, trying to stay relevant I'm sure, and tries to throw at Beau and Stassi that Kristen Kristen introduced them, guess what, Kristen is f^cking crazy thats why they are distancing from her!

The guests are all filtering in, Beau has one more surprise for the day. He had her family all fly in, she started crying when she saw them, it really was so sweet. Where do I find my Beau? I think it's so cute the girls tried to prep Stassi the best they could. Katie told her the night before to relax and forgive beau and to wear a nicer outfit mausoleum shopping. She even suggested wearing her ghost outfit aka the outfit you wear forever as a ghost. Lala all but told her to go get her nails done. Lastly, Lisa even had a dress pulled aside for her if she wanted to change out of her jorts. I do think Lisa really cares for Stassi, she sees a bit of her in Stassi. I thought it was hysterical that Scheana was next to Stassi's little brother Nikolai asking about his dating. Scheana back off let him be innocent a bit longer before someone like you digs their claws in. They do talk about the text Carter set to beau, Jax in true fashion writes it all down. Poor Ariana is next to Kristens chair, and it seems to be haunting her, I think its best that she wasn't there. Overall it seems like it was a great little party, full of a ton of love and celebration.

It was cute to see them in bed the next AM. Stassi is bright eyed, clearly already has planned the wedding.

Let’s talk about Ken and how underrated he is. He carries the dog around. He stands up for Lisa, he's obsessed with Lisa. He laughs and takes pics of Tom with the small bills. He’s walking around helping Lisa at the engagement party, the real hero, I want more Ken!

Jax’s storyline today is cutting the lawn at Kristens house... which apparently doesn’t have the right grass. Kristen had Carter pick up her emotional support animals be used she doesn’t want them to see her sad ... which I don’t think is the point. The lawn mower dies right in time for Jax to come and read the text Carter sent Beau to Kristen. In true Kristen fashion it makes her swoon. Kristen, girl you are 36 please can we get it together. Also Kristen, what's your storyline at this point? Fighting with everyone?

Off to softball, Brett thinks he’s going to hit a homer in with Dayan, she’ll let him. Dayna thinks her convo went well with Max last week and that she wishes she met Brett first. Lets not forget, she banged Peter last season, and Max and Brett... Team TomTom wore all black because it’s slimming, hides dirt and looks good. Looks like team SUR had the same thought process, at least team TomTom has matching outfits, SUR just got their socks from the sex shop. Look at Lisa showing up for the team support! I loved seeing her in jeans, we need more of that. Scheana has some history with playing, her aunt was part of the Rockford Peaches which is really cool. Dayna tries to throw shade with Max when he gets up to bat. He likes playing the field and Dayna lets him know “if you slept with 3 people on the field are you out” As this is going on, James goes to apologize to Katie. He seems really serious like he wants to work on himself and his relationships.

Tom Sandoval is being a bit too competitive, when did he learn all these rules? While he's spewing about the rules, Katie is eating sunflower seeds & Jax wants to know Why he's being a little b^tch and wouldn't even trade Raquel for him. Raquel proves Jax wrong and kills it at bar, guess he should rethink accusing Raquel of sucking. Turns out Ariana is a bit of a sore loser and throws the bat down, I was nervous she broke her teeth. But off for the toms to clean sur.

Next week, we’ve got a Jax and Kristen showdown. Brett gets violated by Scheana and stassi digs into the love shape happening with Dayna...

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