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Vanderpump Rules S08 E20 (Unfriended)

It's the season finale after an odd season. Lisa is throwing a party at TomTom to celebrate the one year anniversary. I hope this is real entertainment versus the forced storylines we've seen all year.

We left off with the dueling pool parties, Jax fuming about everything, the love triangle action, James being sober and the happy engaged couple.

How is Dayna not more upset about him screaming that he doesn't have feelings for her. That entire dinner was so weird, Max was upset, Scheana was upset, everyone was taking low blows. Scheana, let's be clear, I know you have a boyfriend now but you wanted to bang Brett, you want him to want you. Anyway, off to Villa Rosa where Tom Schwartz and Max are picking up some things for the TomTom party. They also have a photoshoot for the Hollywood Reporter coming in for a shoot from all of her restaurants.

Ariana and Tom Sandoval go on a cute date for facials. Cute that Sandoval cleaned up the kitchen, I also like that Ariana texted Brittany about how they should have peace. Tom Schwartz and Max spill the pool party tea about the pool parties and love triangle to Lisa.

I love Stassi, but don't love that people are being judgy about Tom and Ariana not having furniture. I think they are dong it the right way and waiting to get the furniture they want piece by piece. Yayyyy, we finally see Lala and Randalls house when Stassi, Brittany and Katie visit. They have a great pretty view and I'm glad Lala is letting us a bit in. I don't think that comparing Jax rage texting to Tequila Katie, they are two different rage texting.

Off to James and Raquels apartment. I'm glad James is chatting with his mom, who is also sober now which is amazing. She is very cheerful for just having a double mastectomy, good for them for not dealing with it through drinking.

We go house shopping with Beau and Stassi. Beau has been in his rent controlled apartment for 15 years and Stassi has a great downpayment from her book deal! Granted, they have a price in mind and want character, we know they settle on a stunning home and it is perfect for them.

Off to the Garden at TomTom, they finally tell Lisa and Ken they are full on in for the garden portion! We lead right into the major photoshoot with all of the restaurants! Lisa knows how to throw a photoshoot! While some shots are being taken, Ariana wants to chat with Jax. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes but it seems like Jax is looking for attention. All season he's been talking nasty about Ariana. The love triangle continues, Max lets Brett know he feels weird about it still... Anyway, continuing the shoot, Jax pretends he doesn't have a SUR shirt, Lisa lets Lala hold the dog in her hot leather shorts. Jax is in a sassy mood and being mean to Brittany, girl I'm sorry but what you see is what you get.

Its party time! I think the new girls are trying too hard, including mini Scheana. Stassi and Katie look chic AF. Kristen looks angry per usual, I think Scheana found her baby clothes and Beau looks like he's sipping tea. Ariana confronts Stassi about the rumor of her saying she wont go to Tom and Arianas because they don't have furniture, truth be told, Lala said that not Stassi. Why is Karrah (baby scheana) dressed better than Scheana, trying to get in the middle of the conversation oh lord. She seems freaky but Max probably loved it in bed. Who knew Karrah and Danica stir up all the drama, don't they know not to fight in Lisas restaurants and def not to point at Lisa. Looks like Max got his dream of having Danica kicked out of TomTom. To continue on with the night, Scheana is still in babydoll clothing, the new James x Lala song is revealed and James apologizes to Randall.

Some more BS goes down with Dayna telling Stassi about the latest love triangle. Tom and Tom kiss in front of their Kissing poster. Finally, Dayna and Max chat and apparently Max is delusional on what he tells Dayna. Plus he's boned five girls in the five weeks they broke up but he's mad at her for kissing Brett. I don't think either of them should be up on high horses. To be fair to Dayna, Max really is putting bad vibes out into the world about her and Max, you hiring her isn't the break all here.

Continuing with the BS. Lisa makes a stunning speech letting everyone know they are expanding, I imagine she exits at this point of the party. Tom Sandoval and Jax have a chat at the same time the Witches of WeHo Wine ladies converge and have an unpleasant discussion. Editors did a good job putting this part together. The girls call Kristen out on not wanting to hear anything that she doesn't like, Jax is still delusional. the girls are right, Kristen played the victim card and wasn't actually letting anyone know what's going on. It's gotta be hard to say bye to Kristen but she really did herself in. Jax is still delusional and me me me and it just doesn't really add up. Jax and Tom decide to take a break and the girls leave Kristen outside. Lisa wants to help but Jax immediately goes and disrespects Lisa, Jax it isn't your show, it would be fine without you. Shit happens in life, people have ups and downs and you have to deal with it.

Seems like two people are left in the dust as the season ends... I cant wait for the reunion and to see what happens if there is a next season.

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