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Vanderpump Rules S08 V18 (Mercury's in Gatorade)

Ive gotta be honest, I was super tired and struggled to stay up for this one tonight so it better be worth it! Okay, we are finally post engagement, let's see what all the kids get into this week! They set is up with Scheana violating Brett and some more Kristen issues.

We kickoff at SUR, Jax is late, Ariana is covering for it and Bretts mom wants him to keep his hair off his face. Dayna and Scheana now are in another issue with each other. We now know that Dayna is seeing Brett and Scheana wants Brett. Scheana took Brett (the second guy Dayna has been with) to Palm Springs. This one she had the to goal shot a sex video, not sure how much of a music video you can call it. Here is the video for pure entertainment.

Hh, looks like Jax was late because he wanted to go get his sneakers celaned with Tom Sandoval. So a casual $122 and a declined card of Jax's later. Jax decieds to spill all the tea and more to tom on whats going on with Kristens love life. not just with Carter but with others as well, he then subtly turns it into standing up to your woman and how he thinks at times Ariana has been a bitch and cant believe Toms never called her one... Ugh, Jax maybe you don’t call your mans boo a bitch, like take a page from Sandoval and let’s not just pick something to fight about.

Stassi and Britt go for a doggy walk to the park. Somehow Britt has sunglasses for Kingsley, do you think my golden would wear those? They were epic. Stassi didn't think she'd be a bridezilla abut come on girl, how did you think you’d be a chill bride. I'll be exactly like her and I already know it. I think it’s hysterical Jax is an attention whore. He saw on Stassi's engagement photo that someone commented "I've never been happier to see a couple get engaged" well Jax, its not about you, people are allowed to be happy for her...come on boo relax you knot even know these people. I’m glad stassi would still go to a party Kristen is at, seems like a good setup for an argument. But to Stassi point, if Kristen can’t be normal in everyday moments with them, she won’t be in their big moments.

Jax is finally at SUR and Ariana is teaching Dayna how to bartend... nice little storyline to link the two of them together. Jax doesn’t want to see Scheanas video and I love that he's open about it. Jax, lets not pretend you are a huge teller of the truth here... Let go of everyone else’s relationships and let them be.

We see Lala lifting boxes are Vanderpump dogs. We do know she does a lot of volunteering there and I love it. I also love that she’s at 10 months sober, and she’s excited for James’s sobriety! Seems like James is excited too, he’s doing romantic gestures for Raquel but their dog may get the steak first... they both seem happy that max invited them to the beach clean up, it’s good that they are being integrated back into things Now that he’s not acting up. I think Raquel really struck a cord and is helping with his sobriety.

Now Max's beach clean up... Scheana has her strong cheese, Jax is rage texting & Max is upset with Brett and Dayna showing up together. The most awkward moment was Kristen going awkwardly to hug and congratulate Stassi. In concept, cleaning up the beach is great but 1. Brett I don't need to hear you are a vegan every five minutes. 2. I think they should've picked a dirtier beach that actually needed to be cleaned up. 3. I love how extra Lala's outfit is. We start again, talking about the sex tape & I’m not sure if Brett actually hated it or if he’s putting on a show for Dayna. But for him to turn down a BJ, I think she needs bigger boundaries with Scheana, she’s got a thick ass head and always thinks there’s a chance. The newbies are taking a photo shoot, the older boys laugh about past football from 6th grade. Brett and Max sorta get into it, where Max doesn’t wanna talk about the Dayna situation & Scheana is stirring the pot with telling Brett that Dayna has feelings for Max, which isn’t true. Dayna gets chatted up by Stassi about it and makes it clear that she likes Brett. Jax is continuing with the rage texts to Max about the beach clean up and he starts sending the to Tom Sandoval too. You know, they should just take Tom Schwartz's advice on deleting the texts like they never happened, he is the master of receiving rage texts. Brittany even gets involved that the texts are out of control but makes the excuse for him that Mercury is in Gatorade....

Back at the SUR, Raquel and Lisa chat. Raquel likes that Lisa checks in on James, I hope he keeps it up. At Arianas house, she’s working on her dinner party, the foods looks so good and I’m glad she’s using this as a tool to help her depression and block out the negative. I like that they are talking about depression on the show and show how she's combatting it. now Jax is rage texting tom Sandoval and Max more... I don’t get it and now he’s being a dick to them for no reason other than it’s not about Jax. He's going back to his old ways! I love the idea of them having a counter party to Jax’s pool party for a scientific experiment, I hope they do it next week but we all know they wont.

Finally at the end of dinner, Max shares that he still has feelings for Dayna and how she doesn't like seeing him with Brett. I do like that she stands up for herself that she knows another shiny object will come along. Max, she shouldn’t be excited about the fact that you have feelings and ran away scared, that’s not someone you want to have a future with. plus, would he be saying this if Brett wasn’t in the picture And is he going to do anything about it??

We're at Kristens T-Shirt party. All the usual suspects are there and Kristen ya know will give everyone a discount code, but she has some of the girls already wearing the shirts to promote it. I wonder when Kristen will realize telling everyone to get wasted isn’t a cute thing to do, especially at her stage. Scheana wants Brett to do another scene for the video. I’m not sure who’s telling the truth but I do think he looked very into the ”acting” and more comfortable than he's saying he looked. Hmmmmm also Scheana, you wanna bone Brett let’s not pretend you don’t, with or without cameras you would love to have that D. Also, what else has Scheana been in that she’s now an actress, I'm confused. Jax apologizes about his rage episodes to Max, but I feel it’s full of shit since he wants pitty and Brittany is probably not thrilled with him. He dips right from that to stirring up more drama with Kristen.

I know Kristen is in a vulnerable place, but stop hooking up with Carter and unpack the boxes in your house! I know you are a busy girl so let’s unpack or hire someone to! I like that she lied to Jax about making a sexual video two weeks ago, Jax how does it feel to be lied to? More importantly it's not his business. Jax is so angry about her denial for this and starts an entire fight about it. Kristen is right to tell him to take it away from her "business". Jax storms off to the point Brittany is pissed at him! She’s right to, it has nothing to flipping do with him and he needs to stop taking it out on her. She doesn’t want him back in the old ways, he’s sorta getting back at it, she cares about him. I do want to address his cyclical behavior with like smoking and gaining weight then wanting to use other substances to lose it, boo you are 40, start taking care of yourself.

Back at SUR James shows up in Raquels section, I’m sure it was planned by Lisa to meet up there. Lisa tests his drink to make sure he's sober. I didn't love the plastic straw share sip and flip the straw situation... Oh we have to end on a Raquel moment, “does the pope have a balcony” yes Raquel he does, just like how Lisa always wants rose. Lisa believes James is different this time so she's going to let him DJ at SUR...

I really hope next week is a bit better,

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