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Fashion, beauty, dating, cubicle & lifestyle tips as told by a young chic NYC blonde.

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Wait, What's Your Job?

I talk a lot about lifestyle on here but I havent really touched much on my actual job, so lets talk!

I am a marketing executive... Which when you read that title sounds like a lotta PR BS, and overall most of the time I think titles are a lot of BS. I work for a marketing agency and we work with a ton of global companies from personal care to booze. Everyone has their niche, I came in with a niche in beauty. Well, turns out I also have a sweet spot for booze and Im not upset about that at all.

- What does my company do? We do a lot of things! I'm not just saying that... We were founded in South Africa and still have three offices and a production facility there. We also have offices in Europe & Canada. Overall each of the offices is actually quite different. For example, in the NYC office we do not have production managers like we do in South Africa. The NYC office is quite a beast even though we are only about 50 people. We have clients ranging from personal care, to booze to health products. We take those, develop an overarching campaign strategy and campaign execution. So, its pretty fun and super cool to have the client brief us and then to see where it goes! It has been fun to see how it goes from initial briefing to see what the overall strategy, visual direction and execution in store looks like! Even more fun for some of my brands to see not only how the campaigns physically come to life but also in a digital sense! It is fun to see every quarter what each office is working on and how we can integrate our ideas together!

- What do I do everyday? I am the main point of contact for my clients & my design team. So, my day is different every single day which I love but in sum, I work with the clients and design team every single day. With the clients, we discuss timelines, deliverables, projects, recommendations & their requests. I also work really hard to manage their exceptions while keeping a great relationship and bringing them proactive ideas on a regular basis. Internally, I deal a lot with the strategy team, design team and leadership team. With leadership, I am held responsible for the output of my team and constantly driving new business. I work through financial reports and quarterly recaps to show what we have done and what the plan is go forward. Strategy and design work closely with me on a daily basis. We review the clients asks and ensure we are approaching them in the best way possible. Most of the time, strategy and design kick off a project at the same time so they can parallel path the fist few presentations. Once strategy is fully signed off on by the client and the design team can really dig into making beautiful campaigns that are supported by the strategy. A lot of my day aside from overall planning can be taken up with meetings for client projects and wrangling in the crazy requests and turning them into something that the studio can react to. Its fun and always changing! Overall honestly I go weeks where I work 14 hour days then other weeks where I work 7 or 8 hour days, its all about the balance.

- Do I like it? Well now, thats a complicated question. Like anything in life, work has its ups and downs. Most of the days I absolutely love it! I love my clients, coworkers and the actual work we do. Ontop of that I have unlimited vacation days, feel real ownership for the work my team does and take great pride in it. I do love that you are your own entrepreneur at my company and you make yourself what you want to be, plus its amazing how flexible the company is in general. The one thing I really don't like is all of the petty internal politics. I know it happens everywhere so it just gives me major internal eye rolls and makes me want to scream sometimes. Deep down, politics aside, we always know who the stunning employees are and who they aren't.

-How do you knock into the marketing field? My number one piece of advice is to not limit yourself on what companies you are looking to work for. As an example, if you want to be in the cosmetic world, don't limit your job search to the Estee Lauders, L'Oreal and Sephoras of the world. Those companies actually hire third party companies to do a bulk of the marketing. You should look outside companies to come up with just about everything they need. You can google and look on LinkedIn for companies that work with the type of industry you are looking to get into. Chances are if you go and look for a larger agency they do some work with just about every industry! Keep in mind there are quite a few different types of marketing (digital, branding, below the line, above the line).

What other questions do you guys have for me?

Here are some photos from actual work things including my headshots...

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