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WFH Must Have List

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Now that we have worked from home for over half of 2020 (WTF) I wanted to round up some of the must have items! These are for both productivity while working as well as items that will just make sure you are perfectly cozy during these weird ass times.

The most important thing for me is to have my own dedicated work space and have it be organized! Yep, I know that sounds insane but thats where we are. I can not focus on what I'm supposed to be doing unless I'm in that dedicated work space. For my new apartment, the space shifts every week TBH. I started off working at my counter (and love working there) but when i am on video calls, since my back is to the window I look like a black silhouette. Granted, I don't care if people cant see me but not everyone feels the same about that. Ontop of that, I can get a little distracted and feel like my personal slash kitchen is coming into my work space.

Since I still have my great convertible desk and the chair I am starting to work from there more often! When I work from there it is just easy, its a legit dedicated space for me to focus only on my work. It makes it easier to focus and really dive into work.

Once your space determined lets get down to the nitty gritty details of what you need to make the WFH life as easy as possible!

Notebook to make lists, I typically flip back and forth between some I got through work and a few others that I have lying around. My current favorites are linked. I literally use one page to write all my "to-do" items on one side and notes from meetings on the other. Is it fool-proof? no. Do i miss things, always. But it works best for now.

fave pens, thats right, just like everyone else I have a few favorite pens! I have my custom ones from VistaPrint. I have these great precision V7 pens that I literally use all the time. These are literally the best pens ever, I have a few of them always floating around as well as a stash of them! They write so stinking well and I'm just obsessed with them. Plus its fun to see how much is left in there. This Sharpie pack, I don't use for day to day work but I could NOT live without it on Cubicle to CEO Chic! I use this to map everything out.

I was so used to having my laptop sit on a stand in the office, from that I used a mouse and keyboard to help navigate my work but I swear having your screen further up is way better for your posture! PLUS the keyboard and mouse linked are both rechargeable so no replacing batteries. The stand I have been loving at home is the acrylic one. Since my desk is a bit smaller here its nice to have the space to put my phone, notebook and a few other things. This metal one is the one I have at work and its amazing as well.

Here are some other stands I'd recommend to use! Pick one that fits your lifestyle!

This is going to sound very superficial but whatever, a mini ring light. The way I sit sometimes I end up just looking like a black shadow... I needed to get a little ring light to clip ontop of my computer to brighten up my face. PLUS when on video calls you want them to focus on you, not any background distractions! I love that this one is USB rechargeable and has different brightness options.

Now let's get into how it should be business on the top and cozy on the bottom. I try and dress normally on the top with a top that I would actually wear to the office (yes that does include t-shirts). I am a huge fan of dressing cozy on the bottom! After all, even on videos they only see from chest up! A few of my must have items are a booty cushion, cozy slippers, lip balm, joggers, fuzzy socks and a time blocking cube. The time blocking cube is great to make sure you are time blocking and staying on task!

Now, I know most of those things seem like no brainers but they really make the day so much better to have the goodies I'm comfortable with!

What are your favorite WFH items?

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