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What Do I Keep On My Nightstand?

Nightstands are very personal things and as someone in my twenties, not all of my friends have them. I have always found nightstands to hold some very personal items, as the movies and shows like Sex and the City will show, they can have some serious goodies.

Aside from them being super personal, they are super useful! I am all for having a "goodie drawer" like the women on Sex and the City but thats a bit limiting if you only have one drawer for the nightstand like I do. While there are fun things you can keep, I really like having things that I can easily grab for or use on a regular basis.

Ontop of my nightstand I have:

  • The book I'm currently reading and or my Kindle. A lot of times I have

  • LANEIGE overnight lip sleeping mask, I swear by this product. It's $20 from Sephora. I have had it for three months now and am only a quarter of the way through the jar. I put it on every single night before I go to bed. At first I didn't love the juicy fruit smell to it but I got over that really quickly and love how hydrated my lips are every morning. I'm not a savage so I use the little applicator stick every time I put it on, its magical.

  • Acrylic lamp, I like having a little table side lamp next to my bed. I got a set of two and have the other one on etagere. It's nice when Im laying in bed reading or winding down for the night to not have a huge bright light on.

  • Jewelry dish, I keep a little bowl on my nightstand, Its super cute and I got it when I was studying abroad in Turkey. I keep a LaMer lip balm as well as some pieces of everyday jewelry in there.

  • Coaster & water with my softy straw. Yes, I still go to bed every night with water next to me. Im lazy and like drinking through straws so I linked my favorite ones.

  • hand cream, this is another thing I like putting on before I go to bed at night. I keep the Kiehl's Hand Salve next to me. Not only do I keep that on my night stand but I also keep it on my desk.

  • Timer cube, I like keeping this between my night stand and on my desk. It'll help me set time aside to read or to wrap something up before winding down and actually falling asleep.

  • Decorative Boxes, these really have no real purpose but I like them. I keep two decorative boxes stacked with dried flowers ontop of them. In the smaller one I keep "fun" earrings and in the bigger one, well I'm not actually sure whats in that one.

In my nightstand:

  • Box of tissues, its always a good idea to keep tissues bedside. Ya never know when tears might start streaming down or when you wake up with a stuffy nose.

  • Glasses. I keep my glasses & the cleaner for them in the the drawer. I normally wear my glasses first thing in the am and last thing at night and they seem to get so dirty so easily.

  • Nail polish & clippers. Im not sure why I keep these in there but it is what it is.

  • Nicer jewelry, I keep the goodies I don't wear every single day tucked away in there. It's still within reach everyday.

  • Melatonin, every once in a while I have a really rough time falling asleep so I'll take a touch of melatonin when I am getting ready for bed so I can chill out and not be groggy in the morning.

  • Sleeping mask, yes, an eye mask that says "let me sleep". My room gets flooded with natural light in the mornings, when I want to sleep in its nice to have it to throw on.

  • Nail Polish, nail file & nail clippers. Im not totally sure why I keep these in my night table instead of the bathroom but hey, easy access... along with some other goodies.

Yeah, its pretty boring but I would hate not having one!

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